Circular No. VBB/2019-2020/07 17/08/2019


(Affiliated to CBSE, Delhi)

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Circular for Dengue

Dear Parent,

As you are aware that dengue is more prevalent in September, October and November; therefore, it is mandatory that the students arrive in the school fully covered. They are advised to wear Full Sleeves Shirt, Trouser, Full Legging/Socks & Shoes.

Guidelines for Control of Dengue ‘Do’s and Don’ts.



·         Keep all the water containers/overhead tanks etc. properly covered.

·         Dry all the desert coolers and containers in house, offices, factories, schools, etc. once a week.

·         Add two table-spoons of Petrol/Kerosene oil in desert coolers, containers, uncovered/improperly covered tanks etc. If they can’t be dried weekly.

·         Use mosquito repellants on exposed parts during daytime to prevent mosquito bites.

·         Wear full sleeved clothes and long dresses/trousers that cover arms and legs, especially during epidemic season to prevent mosquito bite.

·         Use mesh doors/windows, mosquito coils, vapour mats etc. to keep mosquito away.

·         Use bed nets even during day time especially for infants and small children.

·         Ensure that there is no water logging on the roof top, in the ground areas, around the schools and there is no broken furniture kept in the open space.

·         Don’t let water to collect in and around houses, offices, schools, factories etc.

·         Don’t let broken earthenware, bottles, pots, flower vase etc. to collect outside or on roof tops.

·         Don’t leave water in desert cooler when not in use.

·         Don’t store water uncovered or in not properly covered containers/tanks.

·         Don’t give aspirin/brufen to patients with dengue fever.

Dengue is a viral disease.


·         Abrupt onset of high fever

·         Severe frontal headache

·         Pain behind the eyes which worsens with eye movement

·         Muscle and joint pains

·         Loss of sense of taste and appetite

·         Measles-like rash over chest and upper limbs

·         Nausea and vomiting


There is no specific treatment available as such, therefore symptomatic treatment and case management is only way,

·         Don’t be panicky as dengue is a self limiting disease.

·         Patient should be given lots of fluid and drinkables.

·         Tile patient should be advised to take rest avoid movements and should take rest till recovery phase (3-8) days is not complete.

·         In any fever  in the dengue season avoid taking Aspirin (disprins) tablets. Paracetamol tablets are recommended for fever and body ache.

·         Consult a doctor and get proper diagnosis at the earliest for appropriate management.



Dr. Hari Dutt Sharma