Lohri was celebrated at Vidya Bal Bhawan Public School, Sec-11, Vasundhara, with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. The mood on the campus was upbeat and the students were totally absorbed in the festive spirit of Lohri. Principal Dr. Haridutt Sharma lit the traditional bonfire along with staff performed the rituals and also danced around the bonfire. Students and teachers performed Punjabi Dance “Bangra” around the bonfire. The students from junior and senior wing showcased their marvellous oratory skills on Lohri celebration. The children enjoyed the traditional bonfire bonhomie to the fullest.

The administrator of the school Mr. Nishant Sharma joined them with the hope that the coming year would bring happiness in the lives of the students and teachers as well. He emphasized that Lohri festival prompts people to be thankful for God’s provision and also encouraged teachers to play a vital role to keep the tradition and culture alive in our festivities.



Maths Week has been conducted in Vidya Bal Bhawan Public School, Sec-11, Vasundhara from 18th December, 2017. Special Assembly has been conducted on 18th December for the launching of Maths Week Logo by the administrator of the school Mr. Nishant Sharma. Several magic has been shown related to maths in front of the students to tell them how to calculate large digits multiplication in just few seconds with some tricks. Several activities has been organised in this maths week for the students such as rubik cube activity, tangrams activity, quiz competitions, seminars related to maths, workshop by maths teacher to tell the students about some facts related to Maths. Students enjoyed a lot as on the daily basis they got chance to participate in different activities. Mostly they enjoyed the activity of snake and ladder as they did that practically. 

Christmas Celebration

The festival of Christmas was celebrated with gaiety and lot of enthusiasm by the students of Vidya Bal Bhawan Public School. On this occasion the Chairman of Vidya Group of schools Dr. Satvir Sharma, Principal Dr. Hari Dutt Sharma, the Administrator Mr. Nishant Sharma were present along with all the teachers of the school.

Programme started with a beautiful hymn sung by the students of Pre-Primary who had set the perfect ambience for the celebrations. Students of class IV-VIII sang melodious Christmas Carols. Students of Nursery enthralled the audience with their dance performance. The performance was appreciated by one and all.

The entire school wore a festive look with sparkling balloons, flowers and glittering lights. Students of Nursery looked very sweet dressed as Santa Claus. A teacher dressed as Santa Claus distributed gifts and toffees to the Kids and their faces lit up with happiness. A  Christmas tree was decorated with a big Santa Claus and gifts which added festive ambience. The programme concluded with Xmas greetings and New Year wishes by the Chairman Dr. Satvir Sharma and School Principal Dr.Hari Dutt Sharma and Administrator Mr. Nishant Sharma.


Science week has been conducted in Vidya Bal Bhawan Public School, Sec-11, Vasundhara form 12th December, 2017 to 15th December, 2017. It has been started with the launch of Science Week logo by the Incharge of the School Ms. Itee Tyagi. Several activities have been conducted in these days for the classes I-IX such as Visit to Garden to explain them about various plants, collage making, Science seminars on Discoveries and Inventions, Seminars on how to clean water, science quiz, making of working model of Robot, observation of water cycle and many more. These types of activities have been conducted for the students to explain them about the use of science and its logic in their day to day life.



Vidya Bal Bhawan Public School organized Community Lunch for Classes Nursery and Pre-Primary in the school premises on 7th December, 2017. This activity has been conducted to encourage the students for shared eating with each other. Students sit altogether and shared their lunch with each other. Seats have been arranged accordingly for them in a hall. Students brought lunch from home having all healthy and organic foods with lots of variety. Community lunch also serves as an important meeting place where students can socialize, organize and interact with other students. Students have been told about the table manners, pray before taking meal and how to eat neatly. They enjoyed a lot and love sharing their lunch with each other. School administrator Mr. Nishant Sharma told that such type of activities should be taken place so that students get the habit of caring and sharing and involvement with other.


Vidya Bal Bhawan Public School, Sec-11, Vasundhara conducted Edu-Sports Orientation programme for the parents of Classes Nursery, Pre-Primary and I on 18th November, 2017. On this occasion, Principal of the School Dr. Haridutt Sharma, Administrator of the School Mr. Nishant Sharma and Managing Director of Edu-Sports Company Mr. Jitendra Chaddha were present. Programme has ben started with welcoming the parents for edu-sports orientation and registration of the parents. Mr. Jitendra Chaddha, managing director of Edu-Sports addressed the parents. He told about the Edu-Sports company and the services they are providing to the students of our school. He explained to the parents that due to this edu-sports programme school is trying to enhance the physical development of the students. He told that school ensures the children learn holistically through physical activity and sports in addition to help children improve their health and fitness levels dramatically. He told to parents that we have to increase the awareness in all the students and parents also. Activity of edu-sports has been shown to the parents with the help of presentation.

After this session parents have been taken to the playground where some activities have been organised for the parents. Several competitions have been taken place related to physical movement and props activity. Parents enjoyed a lot and have given their feedback that these types of activities should be conduct again and again for the parents.


Vidya Bal Bhawan Public School celebrated Childrens Day on 14th November, 2017 in the School Auditorium. Chairman of the School Dr. Satvir Sharma, Principal of the School Dr. Haridutt Sharma and Administrator of the School Mr. Nishant Sharma was present in the celebration. As we all know this occasion is celebrated on the birthday of our first Prime Minister Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru Ji. Nursery and Pre-Primary students along with the teachers have performed several programs for the entertainment of the children present there. Yashashvi Mamgain of Class Nur-A has given a speech on Childrens Day. Students of Class Nur-B have performed a dance on the song All is well. Students of Class Pre-Primary-C recited a rhyme on Childrens Day. Teachers of Nursery and Pre-Primary performed a dance on the song Tipi Tipi Tap Tap even they also performed a skit for the students to give them the message that students should have to gain the knowledge of all positive and negative things happened in our daily life.

The students were overwhelmed with the entire effort. They cheered their teachers on as they saw them on stage. At the end Administrator of the school, Mr. Nishant Sharma addressed the students and expressed his faith in them that they would do wonders for the happiness, prosperity and a bright future of the nation. 


Vidya Bal Bhawan Public School, Vasundhara organised a Special Assembly on Women Empowerment. The students of class VIII & IX had been working from past few days to make it successful. It was, indeed!

Dr. Satvir Sharma (Chairman), Dr. Hari Dutt Sharma (Principal) & Mr. Nishant Sharma (Administrator) graced the occasion with their presence.

The students shared some amazing facts highlighting the woman achievers. Soon, class IX students Ayush Buddhiraja and Stela Singh directed the assembly towards an act (Skit) highlighting the efforts of a noble prize winner (Malala) who struggled from the society to gain education and equality.

Followed by the act, class VIII boys gave a power pact dance performance. Through this act they showed that a woman is the part and parcel of the existence of this world. If her existence is questioned then she could turn everything upside down to gain it.

Class IX students, Apoorv and Ayush gave a PowerPoint Presentation to illuminate the meaning and significance of women empowerment. They photographed the images of the women and asked the audience about their valuable contribution in different fields.

Towards the end class IX girls shouted out loud that women are fearless and would go against all the odds to achieve their position in life.

At the end, Mr. Nishant Sharma motivated the students to respect all the women irrespective of their age. A woman is an epitome of sacrifice and selfless love. He said that a mother is the nucleus of the family. She is free from all prejudices and works selflessly for the development of her kids.


Vidya Bal Bhawan Public School, Sec-11, Vasundhara organised Solo Dance Competition for the Classes I-III on 25th October, 2017 in the school premises. The competition started with zeal and enthusiasm. Students thrilled to be a part of this colourful and energising event. Different kind of dance forms such as western, classical was performed by the students. Students used different type of props such as hats, sticks for the performance. They have been judged on the rubrics of actions, costume and expressions.

In I Class, Aditi of Class I-B got the 1st position whereas Prisha of Class I-C won the 2nd position. In II Class Tanishka Singhal of II-B won the 1st position and Gitanjali Sharma of II-B won the 2nd position. In III Class Riddhima of III-B won the 1st position and Nilyan of III-B won the 2nd position.

Mr. Nishant Sharma, administrator of the school was present in the competition. He congratulated the winners and appreciated the programme of the children and also encouraged them to participate more in such competition to enhance their talents.




The festival of Dusshera was celebrated with traditional fervor and enthusiasm at Vidya Bal Bhawan Public School. The programme began with lightening of lamp to invoke the blessings of Goddess Saraswati. On this occasion Chairman of the school Dr. S.V. Sharma, Principal of the school Dr. Haridutt Sharma, Administrator of the school Mr. Nishant Sharma, teachers and students were present.

Students of Nursery and Pre-Primary performed Bal Ramleela. They left the audience spell bound by their colorful costumes, fascinating props and scintillating performance. Their performance was applauded by the school chairman Dr. Satvir Sharma. Students performed whole Ramleela starting from birth of Lord Ram, marriage with Maa Sita,  Kaikayi Kop Bhawan, Vanawas, Sita Haran, Hanuman and Sugreev milan to death of Ravan. The Principal of the School Dr. H.D. Sharma said that this was a great way to impart traditional values amongst students. On the other hand Students of Classes I-III celebrated Gandhi Jayanti. Special Assembly was conducted for “Remembering the Mahatama”. Students performed a skit based on Gandhiji’s Ideology and dance as well on patriotic song. On this occasion the administrator of the school Mr. Nishant Sharma told the students that always Good triumph over evil, so they should banish their bad habits if any and lead a path of truth and rightfulness. At the end programme was finished with National Anthem.


Vidya Bal Bhawan Public School, Sec-11, Vasundhara celebrated Grandparents Day on 7th September, 2017. Function was started with the welcome  of grandparents by chairman of the school Dr. Satvir Sharma and the lamp lightening in front of Goddess Saraswati. It was a special day for all those who attended the program and for us, as it gave us a chance to interact with an age group that is most often overlooked.

The students of class Pre-Primary performed on Sarastwati Vandana. The little rising kids of Pre-Primary – C class shown their Karate and Skates performance in front of all the grandparents such as Sports, Rampwalk and singing. In Singing competition 1st Prize won by Smt. Jayasagar Grandmother of Suvan Sagar of Class III B, IInd Prize, won by Smt. Sushma Varshney grandmother of Gauranvi of class Pre-Primary – B, IIIrd Prize won by Amt. Madhubala Tyagi grandmother of Yashasvani Tyagi of class Nursery –A.

In Ramp Walk Ist position won by Smt. Pinki Bedi grandmother of Saanvi Bedi of Class Nur-A, IInd position won by Smt. Smita Jain grandmother of Aditya Jain of Class III-B, IIIrd position won by Smt. Manjulata Mehta grandmother of Rishit Mehta of Class PP-C. In Sports, appreciation award won by Sh. V.K. Saxena maternal grandfather of Ananya Chandra of Class PP-A. Winners were won the prize for their participation.

All the grandparents appreciated the efforts of the school and all the staff to give them a platform where they can show their talent and share their views.

At the end Chairman of the school Dr. Satvir Sharma said that Grandparents play an important role in the life of every child. He told that they are the child support and their best friend and every child should respect them. Principal of the school Dr. Haridutt Sharma told that the grandparents pamper the kids more than the parents themselves and leave a lasting impression in child life. Mr. Nishant Sharma, administrator of the school was also present in the function.


In the vast history of the world there has been no language so complete, so advanced, so perfect as Sanskrit. Keeping in this mind Vidya Bal Bhawan Public School celebrated Sanskrit Week from 22nd August 2017 to 25th August 2017. The Sanskrit Week was inaugurated on 22nd August 2017 with the lamp lightening in front of Goddess Saraswati by Mr. Nishant Sharma, Administrator of the School. Three activities had been conducted for the Students of Classes VI to VIII related to Sanskrit i.e. Sanskrit Shlok Gayan, Sanskrit Shlok Lekhan and Sanskrit Sulekh lekhan. Students came in traditional costumes and wrote Shloks on Banana leaves with the help of Peacock Wings. They experienced this traditional way of writing and enjoyed a lot. In Shlok Lekhan Priyanka of Class VI grabbed Ist position, Kashish Chauhan IInd position and Ujjwal grabbed IIIrd position. In Class VII, Yash Agarwal won Ist position, Pragya Sharma IInd position and Pranika Rathi won IIIrd position. Akshit Sharma of Class VIII won Ist position, Riddhi Tripathi IInd position, Harsh Bhadana won IIIrd position.

In Shlok Gayan competition Kushagra Bhatnagar of Class VI won Ist position, Ishika IInd position and Divyanshi won IIIrd position.  In Class VII, Tarana won Ist position, Abhishek won IInd position and Gaurav won IIIrd position. Udit of Class VIII won Ist position, Harsh Bhadana IInd position, Baibhaw Kumar won IIIrd positon.

In Sulekh Lekhan Tanisha of VI Class won Ist position, Priyanka won IInd Position, Kushagra won IIIrd position. In class VII Yash won Ist position, Pranika won IInd position and Abhishek won IIIrd position. In Class VIII Baibhaw Kumar won Ist position, Akshit won IInd position, Udit won IIIrd position.

Certificate has been given to students who shown marvellous performance in the different competition

On the last day of the Sanskrit Week, Mr. Nishant Sharma, administrator of the School told the students about the fact of Sanskrit language and how much traditional it is and guide them to promote this language and appreciate the effort of the students. 


Vidya Bal Bhawan Public School, Sec-11, Vasundhara organized Splash Pool Activity on           for Nursery and Pre-Primary Classes. The little ones of Nursery & Pre-Primary Classes welcomed the showers of rain with this pool activity. Bubbling with excitement and enthusiasm, in their colourful swim suits the children thoroughly enjoyed the splash pool activity, jumping in water, splashing water at their friend and playing with floating toys. Students enjoyed rain dance with their teachers. Teachers explained the importance of swimming to the little ones. Students enjoyed a lot as it was relieving activity in the monotonous routine and a start for everyone to enjoy the summer with zeal.


Vidya Bal Bhawan Public School organized Holiday Homework Exhibition “Manifestations 2017” in the school premises on 15th July’ 2017. Exhibition started with cutting of the ribbon and lightening of the lamp by the Chief Guest Dr. Satvir Sharma, Chairman of Vidya Group of Schools.

Students of Vidya Bal Bhawan Public School showcased that learning does not end at their classroom door. All the projects made by the students were exhibited for the parents. Students from Classes Nursery to IX participated in the exhibition.

Students of Class Nursery showcased their projects on the theme based on Seasons. They had exhibited the projects related to all the five seasons i.e. Summer, Winter, Rainy, Autumn, Spring. Students of Class Pre-Primary showcased their project on ‘Save Tiger’ theme in which they exhibited the Jungle Safari and different types of animals, Tiger Cage and Water Animals, etc.

Classes I to III exhibited their models on three countries i.e. China, Japan and Africa respectively. Class I showcased their models on China, in which they exhibited the models related to Chinese Culture, Dresses, Dance forms, famous personalities and Education system. On the basis of these heads Class II and III showcased the models of Japan and Africa.

Classes IV to IX exhibited the models of India’s achievement in the field of our three forces, women empowerment, digital India, old and new education system, sports such as hockey, cricket, chess, badminton and football, Ayurveda and latest technologies. In Academic field Classes Nursery to IX showcased photo frames, newspaper writing, ATM Machine based on Maths, Wind electricity based on Science and models related to Space program. Main highlight of the exhibition was GST counter designed by students to give GST bills to parents and to explain about GST.

Medical Camp had also been organized for the Parent’s by Aarogya Hospital, Vaishali. The Principal, Dr. Haridutt Sharma of the School also praised the students for their effort. Last but not the least the teachers also thanked the Chief guest and the Principal of the School.



Vidya Bal Bhawan Public School ,Sec-11, Vasundhara organized book fair for one week i.e from 8th May 2017 to 13th May 2017. Chairman of Vidya Group of Schools Dr. Satvir Sharma along with Principal of Vidya Bal Bhawan Public School Vasundhara Dr. Haridutt Sharma inaugurated the fair by cutting of ribbon on 8th May 2017. Books are a mirror of ones soul which enrich the mind and soothe the heart. Book fair was organized by the company “Read Aloud Mom”. The fair was organized to improve the reading skill of all the Students of all age-groups .On the last day,the book fair was opened for the parents also. The children enjoyed the fair and picked books from puzzels to poems, story books to fiction and non-fiction books, from academics to non-academics also. Teachers  also helped the children in selecting the books. It was an amazing opportunity not even for the children but also for the teachers and parents also to come together and browse the books of their choices.

A wide range of books from all the disciplines of education was displayed .On this eve Mr. Nishant Sharma,  Administrator of the school was also present. Dr. Satvir Sharma , Chairman and Vidya group of school congratulated and applauded the efforts of the school as well as the organizer and wished that the students inculcate reading habits by reading enriched literature.

Principal of the School , Dr. Haridutt Sharma also wished that the children learnt a lot and this fair will be helpful for the children as they will get extra knowledge from varieties of books.  


Vidya Bal Bhawan Public School, Sec-11, Vasundhara celebrated Mother’s Day with great zeal & enthusiasm. The Chief Guest for the celebration was Dr. Satvir Sharma, Chairman of Vidya Group of Schools. Celebration has been started with the lamp lightening in front of Maa Saraswati by the Chairman of Vidya Group of Schools Dr. Satvir Sharma, Principal of Vidya Bal Bhawan Public School Dr. Haridutt Sharma and Manager of Vidya Bal Bhawan Public School, Shakarpur Branch Ms. Manju Sharma. Saraswati Vandana was performed by the students of our school along with the Dance teacher Ms. Sonia Singh.

The day that celebrates the essence of Mother is Mother’s Day. Keeping this in mind some competitions has been organized for Mothers such as Solo Dance, Solo Song, Master Chef, Speed & Skill and Fashion Show. So many mothers have participated in the competition enthusiastically and it was a pleasure watching the super excited moms with their dynamic and energetic performances. In Solo Dance Ms. Megha Bhardwaj won the 1st position, Ms. Sonika Rani and Ms. Nancy Singhal won 2nd position and Ms. Rajni Sharma won 3rd position. In Solo song Ms. Sonia Rani won 1st position, Ms. Rumpa Dutta won 2nd position and Ms. Ritu Singh won 3rd position. In Master Chef Ms. Priyangku won 1st position, Ms. Ghungroo and Ms. Neha Bhatnagar, Ms. Shilpi Goel and Ms. Sonia Vats won 3rd position. In Speed & Skill Ms. Mamta won 1st position, Ms. Arti Dubey won 2nd position and Ms. Sunita won 3rd position. In Fashion Show Ms. Pooja Singh won 1st position, Ms. Neha Bhatnagar won 2nd position and Ms. Priyanka Sharma won 3rd position.

The outcome of their efforts was marvelous. Each mother was special and different in her own way. Winners were awarded with the Trophy and Certificates by the Chief Guest of the function Dr. Satvir Sharma, Chairman of Vidya Group of Schools. In his Speech, he told a heart touching story of Mother and a Son and thanked all the mothers and applauded their efforts in making the programme a great success. At the end School Principal Dr. Haridutt Sharma thanked all the dignitaries and Mothers present in the function. 


Vidya Bal Bhawan Public School organized “Healthy and Happy Baby Show” for Classes Nursery and Pre-Primary on 19th April 2017 at the School Auditorium. The show was organized to discover the hidden talent of the tiny tots and to have lively and cheerful ambience all around. Tiny Tots were dressed in very colorful dresses. Many students dressed in Animal Dress, their favorite character, doctor and show their talent on the stage.

In Class Nursery Saanvi Bedi won the 1st position, Saksham Soni grabbed the 2nd position and Lavisha Chawla won the 3rd position. In Class Pre-Primary Rishit Mehta won the 1st position, Saanvi Bisht won the 2nd position and Kartikeya Mishra grabbed the 3rd position.

School Administrator Mr. Nishant Sharma and other staff congratulated all the winning Tiny Tots and hoped for their further contribution with same zeal. School Administrator said that school has been organized such type of activities always to boost up the morale of students high and to give them quality education according to their interest.


Celebration of Birthday of Founder Chairman Sir

Vidya Bal Bhawan celebrated the birthday of its Founder Chairman Late Sh. Tek Chand Sharma Ji on 7th April. This day is very special for the entire fraternity of Vidya Bal Bhawan Public School. The programme started with the lightening of the auspicious lamp by the Chairman of Vidya group of Schools Dr. Satvir Sharma. On this occasion other dignitaries present were the Principal of the School Dr. Haridutt Sharma, School Administrator Mr. Nishant Sharma, along with teachers and students.

Students of Classes I to III had made beautiful cards for Sir which expressed their gratitude towards Sir for having given them such a great almamater.

All the dignitaries offered flowers and garlands on the photo of the founder Chairman.

The Chairman Dr. Satvir Sharma said that our later founder chairman was a great educationist and his philosophy “Think Big, Think Fast, Think Ahead, Ideas are no ones monopoly” is very relevant in todays world and asked the students to make a place for themselves so that they can make us all proud.