Photo Gallery

Annual Function 2018
Young Chef Activity 2018
Special Assembly on Healthy Food vs. Junk Food 2018
Rakhi Celebration
Police ki Paathshaala
New Adventure of Magic at Vidya Bal Bhawan Public School 2018
Inter House Chess 2018
Inter House Skating 2018
Indian Values Nursery & Pre Primary 2018
Independence Day 2018
Holiday Homework Exhibition
Good touch and Bad touch
Certificate DIstribution Ceremony
Newspaper Reporting Activity for Classes IV-X
Card Making Activity
Vidya Bal Bhawan celebrated Baishakhi
Fire Extinguisher mock drill
Final Handwriting Competition Classes I to III
Life Skill Seminar for the Classes Nursery and Pre-Primary
Life Skill Seminar for Classes IV to X
Introductory House Meeting for classes I to X
First Day of School for class Nursery
New Parents Orientation 2018-19
Hawan Ceremony
Story telling for the classes Nur-PP
Fourth Class Employees Workshop regarding Safety
Republic Day Celebration 2017-18
Paper Bag making activity for Class-III
Life Skill Seminar on Discipline for Classes Nur-PP
Flag Making Activity for Class-I
Lohri Celebration
Pottery Making Activity
Launch of Maths Week Logo
Snake and Ladder Activity during Maths Week
Outdoor Activity during Maths Week
Tangram Activity during Maths Week
Brain Teaser Sudoku Activity during Maths Week
Rubik Cube Activity during Maths Week
Vedic Maths Workshop during Maths Week
Christmas Rally
Award Ceremony for Class Nur-PP
Christmas Celebration
Visit to India-Japan Sports Exchange Program at Delhi
Water Cycle Observation Activity during Science Week
Robot Making Activity during Science Week
Science Seminar during Science Week
Science Quiz Activity during Science Week
Collage making activity during Science Week
Role Play during Science Week
Garden Visit during Science Week
Launch of Science Week Logo
Brain O Gym Activity for Class PP
Finding Numbers Activity for Class Nursery
I know my body parts final round
Inter House Carol Singing Competition I Round
Inter House Board Decoration Competition
I know my body parts activity for Class Nursery
Community Lunch
Special Assembly on Constitution Day for Classes V-VII
Shapes and Tangrams Activity for Class-III
Geometrical Shapes Activity for Class-II
Edu-Sports Orientation Programme for Parents for Classes II-V
Edu-Sports Orientation Programme for Parents of Classes Nur-I
Maatraon ka Abhyaas for Class-I
Life Skill Seminar on Effective Communication (VI-IX)
Special Assembly on Women Empowerment for classes VIII-IX
Guru Nanak Jayanti Celebration
Hindi Poem Recitation Nur-PP (I Round)
Chef Activity for Classes V-IX
Ramleela for Classes Nur-PP
Good touch & Bad touch Workshop for Classes Nur-III
Hand Writing competition for classes 1-3
Essay writing competition for classes 4-6
Special assembly on world peace by 9th class
Healthy and happy baby show
Sanskrit week
Teachers day celebration
Grand parents day
Hindi poem recitation competition for classes 1-3
Workshop on Safety Measures for the Students.
Workshop on Safety Measures for the Students.
Olympiad Medal Winners
Special Assembly For Class 3rd
Tree Plantation And Green Color Day
Selection Of Student For Student Council
life Skill Seminar For Classes Nur-PP
Splash Pool Activity For Class 1st C
Special Assembly On Save Wildlife
English Rhyme Competition
Holiday Homework Exhibition
mothers day celebration
Life Skill Seminar For Classes 1-9
Book Fair In The School Premises
Computer Quiz For Classes 4-6
Youth Parliament
Independence Day Celebration
Janmashtmi Celebration
Splash Pool Activity For Class 3rd B
Splash Pool Activity For Class 2nd
Selected Photo Of Fruit Fiesta
Selected Photo of Chef Activity
Splash Pool (P.P.C)
Splash Pool (P.P.A)
Splash Pool (Nur-B)
Splash Pool (Nur-A)
Rhythm and Groove
Life Skill Seminar (I-III)
Dental Camp